.Net with Angular Skill set challenge FAQs

September 25, 2019

1. Can fresher's participiate?
A: No, this is specifically designed for 3-7 yrs experienced .Net professionals

2. What is the process?
A:     Step1: Register with TheMyna.Com & Complete the profile
        Step2: Schedule online assessment in your convenient time & Take the assessment [Let us know, we will schedule it]
        Step3: Once you take the online assessment & cleared it, then Video interview round will be scheduled.
        Step4: Based on your video interview performance, we will group a 50 members team.
3. How much time does it take, to announce the winner?
A: We are planning to close this competition & announce winner in 2-3 weeks time itself. Ofcouser, may vary 2 days here & there due to candidates availability for interviews.

4. On what criteria will you announce?
A:      - Technical Performance
         - Punctuality    
             - Being available for Assessments
             - Being available for Interviews
         - Giving time for quick Schedulings
    These are measured and gathered as a group to announce the lucky winner.
    Note: We want more Job seekers to take the assessment & more to be shortlisted, so that we can help more people get better opportunities.

5. For which all locations is this possible?
A:    We are looking for people, who are looking for change in Hyderabad location. They could be residing in hyderabad location or any other location in india but must be willing to look for hyderabad opportunities.
6. What technologies are mostly focused?
 A:   .Net Skill set
    Angular 4 & above Front end
    Database Experience
    Other .Net frameworks
7. what is the preferred Experience are you looking out for?
A:    This Challenge is for especially for 3-7 yrs of experienced professionals.
8. How fair the interview process will be?
A:    when you register to TheMyna.com, you will be given a unique pseudo name which doesn't relate your gender/religion/cast/geography location etc.
    When we schedule a video interview, our SME [Subject Matter Expert] will know only that Pseudo name only. Not your actual name. we request you to mention the same during the video interview also.
    This is to make sure, people are equally assessed and presented for opportunities.
9. why are we [theMyna Team] is doing this?
A:    we are a startup into the recruitment space. we help the companies with pre-evaluated candidates for hire.
    We want to get the better candidates to be shortlisted and present them the opportunities according to the job seeker's preferance.

10. Are we charged anything for the interviews?
 A:   Nope, its absolutley free of cost for job seekers.
11. Do we [JOb seekers] have to join the companies, that you [Myna Team] show?
 A:   Not mandatory. You let us know, what kind of company & package are you expecting. So that we can work out and connect you with those organizations only.
    No Obligations on paper to join the company for sure. But we expect, professional who are participating in this challenge should be actively looking for job change.
12. Will the interview feedback will be shared with the us[Job seekers]?
 A:   Yes, absolutley we will be sharing them. Not only this, as said, you can also share these report free of costs to any companies that you are applying for.
    This will help you beat the competition & show your seriousness.
13. Do the companies, have to pay anything to see my Skill report?
 A:    Not exactly. If you are applying for a company and shared your skill report. They [Company recruiter] have to register to our platform and can view your rating without any charge.
    Registration to platform is mandatory for the first time.