About us

We always believed that there is a better way to promote our skill set and grab opportunities of happiness.

We have been in shoes of both Job seekers and Recruitment team. What we have observed is that tools for matching job seeker with a right job, still old fashioned.
They shouldn't be costly and they shouldn't be bored.

We also believe that for job seekers, opportunities shouldn't only be comming from recruiters alone. With AI rooting in technologies, We can forsee the tremondus changes happening in grabing a lurking opportunity.
We are working on feature set, which allows job seeker's prima skill set is highlighted and get the next right deal.

So, we [A bunch of problem solvers] at nextNT.com working on Next Level career networking features.We are building this career platform for yourself, your success. You are our center of every action.

What we have started is just beginning, stay tuned to our platform and share us your experience. We are actively listening to you.

Hope to be a handy tool in your success. Cheers.